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Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world. In the United States alone, according to some researchers, over three hundred and fifty slices of Pizza are consumed every second! The world loves Pizza, and for that reason there are a large number of Pizzerias spread all around the city, wherever you may choose to go.

Best pizza in east coast

But not all Pizzerias provide the best Pizzas that you are looking for. Seattle Pizza restaurants, for instance, are among the best Pizzerias in the United States. On the surface, it appears very simple to create a Pizza. All it needs is some dough, tomatoes, cheese, several spices, as well as an oven to bake it right into a great Pizza.

But pizza making is an art, and never a science. Therefore, only a select few Pizzerias are able to offer absolutely delicious Pizzas, as the remaining will usually dish out an average mass-produced Pizza for your consumption. A good Pizzeria will offer you authentically made Italian Pizza, with original ingredients, real spices, true Italian cheese, and an exotic variety of toppings.

Probably the best Pizza Seattle has to offer is the Pagliacci's Pizza which has an unforgettable taste. Tourists from around the globe who visit Seattle fall in love with Pagliacci's Pizza and keep remembering it among their friends when they go back home.

Apart from the Pizzerias in Seattle Pizza Shuttle in Milwaukee is one of the biggest selling Pizzerias in the united states. The Pizzeria offers fifty different types of toppings for its Pizzas. The toppings include such amazing varieties as Bacon, marinated chicken, kosher dill pickle, pineapple slices, banana and even French fries.

But in contrast to the exclusive Pizza Seattle and other cities offer in their Pizzerias, there are also the famous mass-selling Pizza chains that churn out Pizzas inside a highly mechanized manner that can take away the actual authenticity out of the Pizza. Such Pizzas use pre-packaged ingredients, frozen pies, and cheaper qualities of cheese.

Simply the Pizza chains are big business operations that focus on the mass needs of the people, and their focus is on low cost and quick service. The passion and the history which goes behind Pizza making is missing in these chain restaurants. Therefore, while deciding to visit a Pizzeria, one must understand the distinction between an authentic Pizza maker versus a mass-food Pizza chain.

Some Pizzerias have other Italian recipes also available such as Pasta or Pizza and such other delights that they are very good at making. Therefore, there is no need that you have to look just for a good Pizza in a Pizzeria. It is wiser to discover the specialties that the particular Pizzeria is wearing offer, and check out those specialties. You can never go wrong knowing exactly what to look for in a Pizzeria whenever you venture out to consume your favorite Pizza.